Knifes, Nails, Tambourines

works by Kaya Fortune

Sept 4 - Nov 30 2020

Kaya Fortune, "The Way We Used to Be", acrylic on canvas, 3'x4', 2020.

"I want people to feel a sense of liberation,and create images that reflect our culture.Using Voudoum,blues, jazz,fashion,egyptian history,my artistic vision is a mixed bag to honor the legacy of my people." - Kaya Fortune

"My work reflects how african people of the diaspora haveI inspired the world through art ,music,history and culture. Using african symbolism in my work is to link the past with the present. Also to honor those artists who have inspired me to continue pushing the boundary in my work." - Kaya Fortune

Kaya Fortune, "Kush to Compton", acrylic on canvas, 4'x5', 2020

Kaya Fortune, "Johnson Legacy", mixed media, 3'x3', 2020.

Kaya Fortune, "Yemaeja", acrylic on canvas, 60''x18'', 2020

Kaya Fortune, "Black Poetry Revisited", mixed media, 3'x4', 2020.

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