September 4 -- November 30, 2020 

Knifes, Nails, & Tambourines

Works by Kaya Fortune

"My work reflects how African people of the diaspora have inspired the world through art, music, history and culture.


Using African symbolism in my work is to link the past with the present. Also to honor those artists who have inspired me to continue pushing the boundary in my work.


I want people to feel a sense of liberation, and create images that reflect our culture. Using Voudoum, blues, jazz, fashion, Egyptian history, my artistic vision is a mixed bag to honor the legacy of my people."

-Kaya Fortune


September 4 -- November 30, 2020 

Fragments of Poetry and Silence

Paintings by Yari Ostovany

"..Each series has its origin in a cognitive/emotional spark, an experience used as a point of departure, where gestural outbursts, atmospheric passages and the ethereal coalesce, with a blending of intellection and intuition, to perhaps bring together unfinished inventories of fragments and detritus of states of formation – the liminal states.


Connecting to a greater energy by using the energy of the gravity of the earth to push and move paint until the distinctions between the foreground and the background and the spatial hierarchy melt away and disappear and the ephemeral begins to emerge.


An archiving process having to do with psychic geology and, somewhat akin to layers of memory – giving way to another, ephemeral sense of form and visual phenomena, dealing with an interiority as opposed to an exterior reality.


I see abstraction as representational insofar as it is a representation of a psychic state, not an external reality. The trajectories in contemporary painting in which my work belongs range from Abstract Expressionism in the west to Persian and Taoist/Zen aesthetic sensibilities in the east and other perennial visionary paths of wisdom.​​"

-Yari Ostovany


July 10 – August 29, 2020 

Recovery A.C.T. (Art, Culture, and Technology)

Curated by Eric Murphy | Co-curated by Tarisse Iriarte of Curated Concepts LLC.

Recovery A.C.T. is the inaugural and post shelter-in-place exhibit by the Brookland Exchange Project (B.E.P.), exploring  various meanings  and implications of what recovery means to each participating artist in the Bay Area and other East Coast cities.


The exhibit originated from a joint discussion with Oakland, Ca. based curator, Eric Murphy and Brooklyn, N.Y./Puerto Rico based curator, Tarisse Iriarte of Curated Concepts, LLC. The conversation emphasised parallels of urban development and gentrification, not just from a local 
perspective, but also from a broader bi-coastal study and how place-making aids historic preservation.


Beginning with the cities of Brooklyn, N.Y. and Oakland, CA. which, historically in part, shared the same name,  expanded to similar conditions taking place in other cities. For this exhibit, 'recovery' was chosen as the theme to reflect various conditions in this country from civil unrest, our current pandemic to personal loss and how arts, culture (communities) and technology can help heal and address solutions to preserving our world.


May 8 - June 28 2020

The Garden of Adornment

Kevin Woodson

The Garden of Adornment embarks into realms of design and ritual, and asks us where the garden really ends and human culture begins – or if there was ever a separation between the two.


Returning to Joyce Gordon Gallery after exhibits in 2016 (Peace Within Chaos) and 2018 (Night Flowers), the Garden of Adornment builds on Kevin’s well-known studio and plein air flowers, exploring new ideas in design, painting, paper, and adornments.


“Even during the dark times of this pandemic, I maintain the belief that art, love, and human expression have never been defeated by fear. But, as I make final preparations for The Garden of Adornment, many local galleries post cancellations and shutdowns. My commitment goes beyond this May 2020 show. I’m dedicating the Garden of Adornment to remind us all that staying safe isn’t only about protecting yourself, it’s about remembering to keep your dream alive and to live for what you love,” Kevin Woodson


Dec 6 - Feb 28 2020 

Heaven And Earth 

David Bruce Graves 

This collection of artwork explores connections between the metaphysical and the natural world as we know it. I am utilizing themes from African cultures, religion, mythology, and allegorical symbolism to create an overall narrative of unity within life on earth and the mysteries of the universe. I am in fact, tapping into these unified sources when I create.


As humans evolve and continue to seek a connection to higher powers and the infinite, our true test is to live among each other in peace, with compassion for others and reverence for nature. Free of judgment knowing that we all are connected not only to each other but to the oneness of the universe. As the original people, I believe that members of the Africa diaspora will be leaders in this movement. It is hope that as you view this exhibit that you will see these principles reflected in the works of ‘Heaven and Earth.’


A native of Pittsburgh, Pa., David Bruce Graves has enjoyed a long and successful career as an illustrator, graphic designer, photo retoucher, and fine artist. He is a graduate at the University of San Francisco and the S.F. Academy of Art College who currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.


David has exhibited at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture in Pittsburgh, Pa., The Rush Gallery in NYC, The Kenkeleba Galley, NYC, the N.Y. Society of illustrators, The Richmond Art Center among other venues. This is his second solo exhibit at the Joyce Gordon Gallery.

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