Acknowledging Covid-19 and public health, the gallery will follow state and local guidelines and recommendations; please check back for updates.

Joyce Gordon Gallery is proud to present:

The Garden of Adornment

by Kevin Woodson

Join us for the opening reception Thursday May 7 2020


“Even during dark times of this pandemic, I maintain the belief that art, love, and human expression have never been defeated by fear. But, as I make final preparations for The Garden of Adornment, many local galleries post cancelations and shutdowns. My commitment goes beyond this May 2020 show. I’m dedicating the Garden of Adornment to remind us all that staying safe isn’t only about protecting yourself, it’s about remembering to keep your dream alive and to live for what you love.”

-Kevin Woodson

The Garden of Adornment embarks into realms of design and ritual that ask us where the garden really ends and human culture begins – or if there was ever a separation between the two.


Returning to Joyce Gordon Gallery after exhibits in 2016 (Peace Within Chaos) and 2018 (Night Flowers), the Garden of Adornment builds on Kevin’s well-known studio and plein air flowers, exploring new ideas in design, painting, paper, and adornments. In over a decade of exhibits in the Bay Area, Mexico, and Asia, Kevin has explored culture and ritual through flowers. Kevin has lived in the Bay Area since he moved here from the gardens of Illinois in 1991. His flowers follow in the footsteps of Bay Area greats like, Gary Bukovnik, using art to give flowers a place in our contemporary cultural dialogue.

Joyce Gordon Gallery is a fine art gallery located midtown Oakland, CA. It exhibits art that reflects the social and cultural diversity of the Bay Area and international artists.